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Древняя Русь в свете зарубежных источников - Джаксон Т.Н. - купить  книгу с доставкой

Древняя Русь в свете зарубежных источников

Джаксон Т.Н., Бибиков М.В
532 руб
Мир-система Модерна. Том 1. Капиталистическое сельское хозяйство и истоки европейского мира-экономики в XVI веке - Иммануэль Валлерстайн - купить  книгу с доставкой

Мир-система Модерна. Том 1

Иммануэль Валлерстайн
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Евреи, конфуцианцы и протестанты. Культурный капитал и конец мультикультурализма - Лоуренс Харрисон - купить  книгу с доставкой

Евреи, конфуцианцы и протестанты

Лоуренс Харрисон
388 руб
Феномены мозга - Бехтерев В. М. - купить  книгу с доставкой

Феномены мозга

Бехтерев В. М.
415 руб

Cool English 2. Pupil's Book

Herbert Puchta, Gunter Gerngross

Серия Cool English

Код товара: 913302

ISBN: 978-84-8323-377-1

Гриф книги: Уровень CEF - A2

Язык: Английский

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Аннотация к книге "Cool English 2. Pupil's Book":
Cool English is a contemporary new version of Join In. Extended to 6 levels, this course is particularly suitable for classes who prefer a steady pace of learning. A great range of new components offers teachers plenty of flexibility and choice. Throughout the 6 levels, there is a wide variety of stories, each with specific language objectives. They deal with entertaining real-life situations, as well as those which combine fantasy with reality. Children encounter grammatical structures and expressions for the first time during practical activities, and writing and speaking skills, including phonetics, are developed through simple exercises. All units follow the same clear, systematic structure to help the teacher and create a familiar setting for the pupil. There are regular revision exercises to reinforce what has been learned and children have the opportunity to evaluate their own progress. For details of the Spanish version of Cool English, please visit www.cambridge-sm.net.
Key Features of this Title
•The course is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences to meet the needs of children with different learning styles.
•A wealth of extras, including storycards, flashcards, puzzles, masks for role play, vocabulary and games posters; video and photocopiable materials are available.
•Action stories based on Total Physical Response engage all the senses in the learning process.
•Cultural activities teach children about the customs of English-speaking countries to promote knowledge and respect.
•Teacher's guide with clear, concise instructions and step-by-step explanations simplifies lesson-planning for the teacher, making their life easy!
•An animated video with all the cartoon and action stories helps develop long-term linguistic memory and improve pronunciation and intonation.

Серия Cool English

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Cool English 4. Flashcards

Herbert Puchta, Gunter Gerngross
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Cool English 1. Pupil's Book

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Cool English 5. Activity Book

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Серия Cool English